Catsuhana is a fashion oriented destination for trendy clothes, accessories, jewelry and décor items with diminutive touch of uniqueness in everything.

We are the brand that inspires people to make statement with our products. We celebrate self-expression and provide our community easy to use tools to play with fashion like no other brand.

Our products aren’t mass produced and they are anything but basic. What makes it stand out is the ‘unique touch’ we put in our every product, whether it is a tee, top, skirt, necklace or the home décor items. We are the perfect place for fashion lovers to find their favorite items.

Based in Surat, India, Catsuhana is a private company owned and run by Ms. Chandni Devani.

Concept of Catsuhana lifestyle took place almost three years ago. And since then we have been studying and researching about the project.

The concept was implemented just six months before in Surat. And we are getting a very good response to the products.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy building this experience for you.